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Bagman, established in year 1994, a Malaysian based company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of all kinds of bags. We are a company focus on creativity & innovation to provide flexible and reasonable prices according to our clients needs to tailor make all kinds of bags. The integrity of our business relationship with our clients is very important to us, as we help each other to build business. 

At Bagman, we can assist our corporate clients to package their products with the best OEM quality. We have manufactured OEM products for many internationally renowned brands. They have bundled their products with our bags to great success and acceptance from the market place. As of year 2007, we have sold more than 50,000,000 units of all kinds of bags, and we have satisfactorily served more than 4,000 companies.

At Bagman, our emphasis is on creativity and innovation but not forgetting the functionality and detailing to every bag that we designed. After more than a decade of delivering great tailor made bags within the region, we decided to share our innovative products with the rest by presenting our brand : Terminus. Terminus is a global brand dedicated to the creation of unique, innovative and highly functional bags for all walks of life. It¡¦s an original solution, an answer to the needs of the urban generation that is constantly on the go. Bagman believes that speed is the essence in today's ever changing market place, in order to adapt to this fast pace market place, we even make our online shopping facility available now. Our online shopping store may allow those who like our innovative design to buy it online by just a simple click.

With our sales office now in Singapore and France, we are ready to spread our wings to the Southeast Asia and EU regional market.

So, be rest assured that you get the best of bags in BAGMAN.