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The start of a great idea

The genesis of Caseman and its inception did not begin as a scribble on a napkin. Rather it was a carving on a big shiny stone. It's thus become engraved in us and our products and to not waver one bit. Since the day a cavewoman clobbered a caveman over the head to drag him home, we have been injected with the need to carry our valued possessions, whether it be a kid with his textbooks or a squirrel with his acorn. Unlike kangaroos we weren't born with pouches to carry and protect your beloved. so we must CARRY and there is only so much you can fit in your hands and not look like a nut. Of course you can get by with a plastic bag but that's not a great look and you beloved for sour not happy with. Or the endless supply of dreary black monotone bags you see everywhere. This is where we come in. Of course, it's not just about colour. It's about durability, functionality and at the end of the day being useful AND looking beautiful.

Caseman Brand established at Melbourne Australia in 2006.

We specialize in camera bags’s innovation research,Obtain the inspiration from the great nature,and mix it together with profession,comfort,style,and fashion into Caseman camera bags.

Now days,we became to one of the top company in the industry,we develop,manufacture and sell hundreds of models to all over the world.
Over the years, the founder of Caseman build a strong and experienced team to R&D,Marketing and management department.And this strong team is the power to keep moving Caseman go advance. It making Caseman becoming to one of the popular brand in camera equipment market.