Caseman C09 Foto Elegant
"Foto Elegant" fit 1 professional DSLR with 140mm lens attached, plus 2 additional lenses up to 200mm and flash. Plus notebook comportment fit up to 13.4", one pocket on each side for carry small i..
Caseman C10 Foto Bat
The unique "Foto Bat" designed for fast moving to get snapshot around the city or a crowded subway. Features fast open zip puller on both access to compartment, It fit for a pro DSLR with standard ..
Caseman C11 Digital Monkey
"Monkey" as it's named, cute and lovely design, come with many colors to choice from, great bag for you to matching the decor of your battle. It features with zippered main compartment and an front..
Caseman C12 Digital Dealer
The stylish designed "Foto Dealer" idea fit for a pro DSLR with standard fixed lens up to 140mm, plus 1-2 additional lenses or flash.  front opening with easy-grip access to your gears, mash c..
Caseman C13 Digital Shutta
"Digital Shutta" Lightweight design disguises serious protection for most popular models of camcorders and digital camera. Zippered mash pocket under flap and inner pockets for memory cards, batter..
Caseman CL Series 220mm-300mm Lens Case CL-300
This fully padded and zippered lens case designed with expandable features hold from 200 to 300mm f/2.8 lens. Convenient front zippered pocket, and mesh pocket on each side. External size : 13*..
Caseman CMB01 Modular Carrying Waist Balt
The CMB modular waist belt is purpose built to carry a heavy load. It design to holds multiple compatible case or pouch (up to 8 total) and a raised backpad provides extra support. External Siz..
Caseman CMS01 Modular Carrying Shoulder Harness
The CMS shoulder Harness is ideal for  who needs go light and move fast when covering an event. This lightweight, supportive and flexible design helps to lessen the load when worn with our CMB..